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Upcoming Performances

Quite some years ago, I decided, for no particular reason, to write a collection of quartets for classical guitar. With no plan for having them performed, I wrote them thinking, “Maybe someday.” Well, that day is soon approaching.

On Sunday, March 17th, at 3 p.m., at Capital University’s Huntington Hall, the Columbus Guitar Society Members’ Ensemble, under the direction of Waverly Wilkerson, will perform my quartet “Elven Newscast.” The concert will also feature solo and duet performances from many ensemble members (including myself).

As if that’s not enough, on Sunday, March 24th, at 2 p.m. at the Upper Arlington Public Library, Tremont Road. Karl Wohlwend’s student recital performance will feature another of my quartets, “Water Bug Totem,” along with solos and duets from Karl’s students (including myself). Both concerts are open to the public.

With great thanks to Karl and Wave’s enthusiasm, I’m excited to see this come together!

Premiere of Water Bug Totem

The clan of the water bug perform their ecstatic ritual. Projecting taboo onto the totem, feverish dancing ensures prosperity in the coming season. “Water Bug Totem” is a guitar quartet in A B A form using the B Aeolian mode. The A section establishes a danceable rhythm and quasi-mystical melody while the B section plays...Continue reading...

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