My passion for the classical guitar took root at an early age. Growing up, my family had the privilege of owning both a piano and a classical guitar. After being taught a few basic chords in elementary school, I recall strumming those chords for hours at a time, captivated by the rich vibrations of wood that filled my childhood kitchen.

In my teen years, I studied the guitar with Bob Firestone, who taught lessons at my local guitar shop. Bob managed to instill in me a strong theoretical foundation, despite my aversion to reading assignments.

I later went on to study music at OSU, where I learned much about jazz voicing from Derek DiCenzo. Since then, I’ve kept busy maintaining a regular teaching schedule and working with many musical projects. Rock, folk, country, pop, blues, big band—I’ve been fortunate to share the stage with many fine musicians from a range of genres.

Through all my musical journeys, I’m never far from my beloved classical guitar, composing, performing, and forever honing my skill. With the classical guitar as my primary focus at this stage of my career, I’m excited to experience the next chapter of my musical journey.